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Did you know that North Country Log Homes replants one tree through the Arbor Day Foundation for every tree we source in the construction of a home?




Types of Lateral Grooves used by North Country Log Homes


Log Home Lateral Grooves

  • Double Scribe Lateral Groove-Grooves created by making precision cuts into the top and bottom of logs following their lengths. This is done so that the logs can retain their original contour and seal themselves from the elements without the aid of caulk or chink.
  • Swedish Cope-This is a lateral groove that removes a round section from the bottom of the log to keep the logs close together. This method does not work as well at assuring a tight fit but can be used in certain applications.
  • Chink Style Log Home-When building a chink home minimal cuts may be made to get the logs as close as possible while the sealing of the wall is done with a synthetic chinking material.