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North Country Log Homes is a member of the Great Lakes Log Crafters Association!

Did you know that North Country Log Homes replants one tree through the Arbor Day Foundation for every tree we source in the construction of a home?




Selecting the right trees for your log home.


The log home building process begins by determining the species and size of log that a client wishes to use. We hand select each and every tree for your home. Once selected and cut your logs are then shipped to our building yard to be peeled.

The most common species of wood we use here in Minnesota is the Norway Pine, otherwise known as red pine. We use this species of wood because it is an abundant locally sourced wood that is perfect for all aspects of log construction. 

We also use White Cedar, which is also native to this region for many different building projects. Cedar is a great wood to use because it is naturally rot resistant and very beautiful. We use cedar for all of our exterior railings and stairs along with gazebos, saunas and more. 

 Red Pine and Cedar are the woods we source most commonly when building log homes but it is not uncommon to use other woods such as Oak, Ash, Birch, Aspen and more to accent your home with mixed species posts, beams and other log accents.