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North Country Log Homes is a member of the Great Lakes Log Crafters Association!

Did you know that North Country Log Homes replants one tree through the Arbor Day Foundation for every tree we source in the construction of a home?




Log Home Constuction                                                                                       

The log home building process begins by determining the species and size of log that a client wishes to use. We hand select each and every log for your home, once selected your logs are then shipped to our building yard and hand-peeled with a drawknife, preserving the natural character of the logs, like no machine can.

After all the logs are peeled we then measure the length and diameter of each log and label them. We use these numbers to help us determine which logs to use and when. With all our numbers figured we can now cut the sill logs and begin constructing your log home.

Once the sill logs are cut and placed where they need to be we can proceed to scribe and cut all of the wall logs using the shrink-fit saddle notch and double-scribe long groove.

 Once the log walls are to height we can then begin the layout and construction of the second floor and the log roof support system.

With your log package now complete, we label each log, disassemble the building onto semi trailers and haul it to your building site.

When the semi trailers arrive at your site we unload the logs and reassemble them onto your foundation. Once your log shell is in place we can then cut out door and window openings, sand log ends and do any finishing touches that are necessary. We then allow the sub contractors to come in and help with the completion of your new home.