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Did you know that North Country Log Homes replants one tree through the Arbor Day Foundation for every tree we source in the construction of a home?




Types of Notches used by North Country Log Homes


Saddle Notch-A notch cut to fit a reshaped log where the vertical sides have been carved back to create two flat planes at approximately 45 degrees. This notch combined with the effects of shrinkage and compression will get tighter over time.

Dovetail Notch-A notch system made up of interlocking wedge-shaped elements called pins and tails that resist the forces applied to the joint. This joint looks attractive and, if well made, the decorative quality can be used to enhance projects.

Round Notch-The simplest notch of all, which is created by cutting the exact contour of the round log below. We do not use this on green-wood or wet projects because it does not work well with shrinkage.